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Behind the scenes of a music video shoot with a female singer.

You write the song, we shoot the video!

Music videos create complex experiences. Your audience is not just listening to your music anymore. They are experiencing it! This amplification of your ideas is crucial, as it creates a shift from passive listening to active engagement.

For the music industry, music videos serve as more than just artistic expressions; they function as a declaration of commitment to your career. The impact of a well-crafted music video extends beyond the screen; it increases your clout. When your audience sees the effort invested in visual storytelling, it sends a clear message that you are serious about your craft. This can significantly influence how your audience, as well as industry professionals, perceive your work and music.

A female singer poses during the filming of a music video.

At Rocket House Pictures, we understand the importance of crafting visuals that resonate in the minds of your audience. Our extensive experience has allowed us to create music videos for Colorado and international artists, many of which have garnered recognition on top 100 playlists, film festivals, music blogs, and even television. Our commitment lies not only in producing visually stunning videos but also in ensuring that it becomes a memorable and shareable experience for your audience.

A well-produced music video will help shape your musical identity, signaling to the world that your art is a force to be reckoned with. Our Denver video production company stands as a testament to the transformative potential of music videos, elevating artists and their careers to new heights through the fusion of sound and awesome visuals.

Rocket House shot and edited a music video for us and they were excellent during the entire process. We had a relatively low budget but they made everything easy and it always felt like a creative and fun process. Their communication was excellent and they were there to answer our questions day or night. Will definitely work them them again!

Dave Carnahan Music Producer at Purple Star Productions

A camera assistant prepares to slate a scene.

Female singer sits on a couch near a vintage telephone.

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We are a Denver video production company committed to empowering brands. We want to help people and businesses overcome challenges while attaining remarkable results through the art of storytelling. At Rocket House, we continually explore innovative approaches to use video in our lives. Our passion lies in crafting captivating visuals and narratives that evoke emotions, all while taking pride in the knowledge that our videos play a pivotal role in helping the world we live in.

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