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The Best Outdoor Locations in Denver to Film an Interview

At Rocket House Pictures, Denver’s premier video production company, we understand that the perfect location can make or break an interview shoot. While Colorado is usually known for its mountains and natural landscapes, sometimes you need a more urban setting for interviews to convey a modern, dynamic, and sophisticated atmosphere. Denver, with its stunning vistas and urban charm, offers a plethora of outdoor settings that can elevate your video production to new heights. Here are our top picks for the best outdoor locations in Denver to film an interview.

1. Downtown Denver Lookout

Located at the intersection of Zuni St & W 26th Ave, the Downtown Denver Lookout offers an unparalleled view of the city’s skyline. This spot is a photographer’s paradise, especially at dusk when the buildings glow gold. The metropolitan feel here is strong, with the city appearing closer, making it perfect for background bokeh depending on your lens choice. Accessible via walking, biking, or scooting through the east I-25 trail, or by finding street parking, this location is a must for capturing Denver’s urban essence.

2. City Park

For a classic view of Denver’s skyline with a touch of nature, City Park is ideal. The best vantage point is from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, looking west. The park itself is a green haven with walking trails, serene lakes, and lush fields. On clear days, you can catch glimpses of the Front Range peaks above the skyline. Known as a romantic spot, City Park combines urban and natural beauty, making it perfect for heartfelt interviews.

3. Sloan’s Lake

Sloan’s Lake, at 1700 N. Sheridan Blvd., offers one of the best waterfront views in the city. This location provides two outstanding views: looking east over the water, you capture the city’s skyline, and looking west, you see the mountains. The tranquil setting by the lake is perfect for interviews that need a calm and serene backdrop.

4. Barnum Park

Barnum Park, located at 360 Hooker St, offers a unique perspective of Denver’s skyline. It’s not as busy as other parks, yet still close to downtown, providing a quieter environment for interviews. The distinctive view of the cityscape makes it a hidden gem for video production.

5. Ruby Hill Park

Located at 1200 W Florida Ave, Ruby Hill Park offers a magnificent view to the northeast year-round. Just five miles south of downtown, the hill sits at 5,390 feet. Climbing to the top rewards you with a panoramic view of Denver’s skyline, perfect for dynamic interview shots.

6. Millennium Bridge

Confluence Park, at 2250 15th St, is where Denver was founded, marking the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. This park is bustling with activity, with bike trails merging and kayakers navigating rapids against the backdrop of the skyline. The Millennium Bridge sits at the east end of the park and it’s the portal to Downtown Denver. Best filmed in the morning for optimal lighting, the bridge offers a lively and historic setting for interviews.

7. Inspiration Point Park

Located at 4901 Sheridan Boulevard, Inspiration Point Park is a hidden gem in West Denver. While it’s primarily known for its mountain views, you can still see some downtown buildings if you look east. Climb to the highest area for the best perspectives, making it a versatile location for capturing both urban and natural scenery.

8. 51st and Zuni Park

At 5100 Zuni St, this park (also known as Zuni Park), offers a cool perspective of downtown Denver. It’s a unique spot that provides a distinct look at the Mile-High City, perfect for interviews that need a fresh and unconventional backdrop.

9. Decatur-Federal Light Rail Station

Decatur–Federal is a light rail station on the W Line of the RTD Rail system. It is located alongside the banks of the Lakewood Gulch between its intersections with Decatur Street and Federal Boulevard, after which the station is named. Here you will find grand views of downtown Denver interlooped with arriving trains. Best when filmed at night, as this station can get busy during the day.

10. City Park Golf Course

City Park Golf is a historic 18-hole regulation golf course located north of Denver’s City Park. The area is bounded by E. 26th Ave,Colorado Blvd, and E. 23rd Ave and York St. This location is a little tricky since it’s always bustling with golfers. But there are plenty of great views in the outskirts of the course. Watch out for those stray golf balls.

Denver Film Permits

Most of the time, if you plan to film on public property in Denver with a small crew and you are not blocking pedestrian (or vehicle) traffic you don’t need a Permit.

When do you need to get a Permit?

If you are filming in public property in Denver, you must obtain a Denver Film Permit if any of the following apply:

Even if your shoot does not require a Film Permit, you must still follow the rules governing the area and ensure the location remains open to the public. Review Denver’s Film Permit Rules and Regulations and Denver’s Park Rules prior to any shoots in public parks, or contact the City and County of Denver.

Your Video Production Partner

Denver’s diverse and picturesque outdoor locations offer a stunning backdrop for any interview, and with the right spot, you can capture the city’s unique essence beautifully. From the metropolitan charm of Downtown Denver Lookout to the serene landscapes of City Park and Sloan’s Lake, there’s no shortage of incredible settings to choose from.

At Rocket House Pictures, we pride ourselves on being experts in both pulling permits and scouting the perfect location for your interview. With our deep local knowledge and professional expertise, we ensure a seamless filming experience, allowing you to focus on creating compelling content. Whether it’s navigating the permitting process or finding that perfect shot, Rocket House Pictures is your trusted Denver video production partner.

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