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Rocket House Pictures Partners with TAT to Equip Law Enforcement with Tools to Combat Human Trafficking

At Rocket House Pictures, a Denver-based video production company renowned for its creative and impactful visual storytelling, we have proudly partnered with TAT (Truckers Against Trafficking), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to ending human trafficking. Together, we have developed a series of groundbreaking, free online training modules tailored specifically for law enforcement agencies across North America.

This ambitious project involved the creation of five comprehensive modules filmed and edited by Rocket House Pictures in documentary style, blending heartfelt interviews with harrowing insights. Over the course of a year and a half, our team traveled extensively to gather compelling b-roll footage and conduct in-depth interviews with both survivors of sex trafficking and key law enforcement personnel. Among those featured were Michael Krumm, Lt. Col. of the Michigan State Police; David Lorenzen, Chief of Motor Vehicle Enforcement for the Iowa DOT; and retired Sgt. Dan Nash of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The training modules are designed to immerse law enforcement officers in the realities of human trafficking, equipping them with the knowledge to recognize and respond to this heinous crime effectively. By understanding the tactics traffickers use, the populations most vulnerable to trafficking, and the indicators of such activities, officers are better prepared to take action. Our modules emphasize a victim-centered approach, crucial in ensuring the safety and respect of those affected.

Also, our collaboration extends beyond education to activation. The modules encourage law enforcement agencies to partner with trained transportation professionals who can serve as vital observers in their daily operations, enhancing the detection and reporting of trafficking activities. This strategy leverages TAT’s partnerships with law enforcement to foster widespread awareness and proactive engagement within the community and across key industries.

Leadership commitment is fundamental to the success of anti-trafficking initiatives. Our modules not only aim to train officers but also to inspire command staff to integrate these crucial efforts into the core of their operations. Alongside the interactive online training, TAT provides an e-toolkit and access to further resources, such as TAT’s guide for command staff, a separate video we created which includes summaries of recommendations and additional support materials.

The project culminates in a compelling trailer for the modules, designed to engage and inform agencies about the availability and importance of this training. It is a call to action for all law enforcement agencies to bring this essential training to their teams, helping to spread awareness and mobilize a network of informed professionals against trafficking.

Our full-service production capabilities were integral to the success of this project. Our state-of-the-art studio in Denver provided the perfect setting for the intensive filming process. Equipped with our state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology, we captured high-quality footage that brings the raw realities of human trafficking to the forefront. Our team excelled in capturing dynamic b-roll footage across various locations, adding depth and context to the narrative. The post-production phase was the most pivotal, as we implemented extensive motion graphics to enhance the learning experience. These graphics helped illustrate complex information in a visually engaging manner, making the serious subject matter accessible and understandable.

At Rocket House Pictures, we are committed to producing content that not only informs but inspires change. This project with TAT represents a significant step forward in our collective effort to combat human trafficking and protect the most vulnerable in our society. Through visual storytelling, we strive to make a difference, one frame at a time.

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