We provide high quality videos for businesses and organizations in Colorado.

Our Cinematic Excellence: The Gear

In the pursuit of visual perfection, Rocket House Pictures relies on an arsenal of cutting-edge equipment that transforms our creative visions into beautiful looking videos. Great equipment enhances the visual and auditory quality of a video, elevating the overall viewing experience. High-quality gear allows for precise control over elements like lighting and sound, ensuring the audience remains engaged and focused on the compelling story. Professional equipment also provides greater flexibility in post-production, enabling the realization of the creator’s vision with clarity and impact.

Our Camera Fleet

Our cinematic endeavors are powered by 3 imaging workhorses, each boasting impressive specifications without compromise. These cameras deliver exceptional sensitivity, a vast dynamic range, and unparalleled color accuracy. With the capability to shoot in multiple resolutions, these cameras capture every detail with finesse. Our 3 Panasonic EVA-1s feature a Super 35mm CMOS sensor with 5.7K resolution, supporting variable frame rates up to 240 fps. Their dual native ISO technology (800 and 2500 ISO) enhances low-light performance, complemented by a built-in ND filter wheel offering 2, 4, and 6 stops. With recording options in codecs like 10-bit 4:2:2 All-Intra at up to 400 Mbps and support for formats such as CinemaDNG, ProRes, and H.264, our cameras are built for professional filmmaking. Did I mention our EVA-1s are Netflix approved?

Illuminating the Narrative

We sculpt our visual narratives with precision, thanks to a vast Aputure lineup of lights. Aputure is a global designer and manufacturer of cinema lighting fixtures, light-shaping accessories and lighting software. These lighting solutions elevate our scenes with a controlled radiance, illuminating every frame with the perfect desired ambience. Our lighting setup, equipped with various Aputure fixtures and modifiers are also paired with some Intellytech components. Intellytech is a cinema lighting company founded and located in Denver, Colorado. This combination ensures that each scene is a canvas painted with the ideal luminosity, contributing to the overall visual allure of our productions.

Dynamic Cinematic Movements

Motion control is the heartbeat of our dynamic shots. Having a camera sitting on a tripod can get pretty boring. So we add movement to our footage by using these 3 motion control units:

Post-Production Mastery

The journey of a video doesn’t end with the filming; it continues in post-production, where we entrust our creative vision to Adobe’s industry-leading products. Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are favored by us for their seamless integration, allowing a fluid transition between video editing and motion graphics. Recognized as industry standards, these tools offer a comprehensive range of features, covering editing, color correction, audio manipulation, and advanced visual effects. Their versatility, regular updates, broad compatibility, and collaboration features contribute to their widespread adoption, while a supportive community and extensive resources further solidify their reputation in the field of video production.

Here at Rocket House Pictures, we traverse the intersection of technology and creativity, where every piece of equipment is not just a tool but a conduit for storytelling. Join us on this journey, where the fusion of specs and creativity results in cinematic excellence.

We make videos that matter.