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How To Double Your Sales with Explainer Videos

For businesses eager to see a dramatic increase in their sales figures, the solution might be simpler than anticipated: explainer videos. It’s a well-established fact that video content can significantly enhance sales, but the extent of its impact is often underestimated. Studies indicate that incorporating video content can potentially double sales figures, thanks to heightened user engagement, increased time spent on websites, and the shareable nature of video content.

These days, it’s common to find explainer videos on various websites, and for good reason. Despite the initial investment, these videos can substantially amplify sales numbers. So, if the idea of doubling your sales excites you (and it likely does), let’s explore how explainer videos could be your fastest route to achieving this ambitious goal.

What Exactly Are Explainer Videos?

An explainer video is a short film that aims to communicate how something works in a simple and engaging way. These aren’t mere sales pitches, as those often underperform. Rather, these videos encompass a range of content types, all designed to promote and show how your product or service can be used to solve a customer’s problem.

Explainer Video Statistics

  1. According to DigitalCommerce360.com, approximately 85% of people are more likely to buy if they see an animated explainer video.
  2. An average of 77% of viewers will watch explainer videos all the way through.
  3. According to this survey, 64% of business owners report that using explainer videos increased their sales.
  4. Also, given that 92% of video marketers report satisfaction with their ROI, and with a majority of other businesses increasing their video output, it’s evident that explainer videos are a successful marketing strategy.

Using The Power of Explainer Videos

To harness the power of video to showcase you product/service and see a significant rise in sales, here are five key factors you must consider:

Ensure High Quality and Valuable Content in Videos

The quality and content of your videos are super important. A poorly made video can do more harm than good to your brand. Quality production and compelling storytelling are essential, and the content should provide real value without feeling like a sales pitch. Humor, combined with informative content, often works wonders in making videos memorable and effective.

Highlight the Problem-Solving Aspect of Your Product

Videos that demonstrate how your product solves a particular problem tend to be more effective. Explainer videos are a prime example, often leading to a significant return on investment. These videos should articulate the benefits of your product in a clear and compelling manner.

When highlighting the problem-solving aspect of your product, emphasize real-world scenarios where your product provides a solution. This helps potential customers relate to the issues and see the practical value of your product in their lives. You can also use testimonials or case studies to show how others have successfully used your product to solve similar problems. Incorporate visual elements that depict the transformation from the problem to the solution, reinforcing the product’s effectiveness. Lastly, ensure that your messaging is customer-centric, focusing on how the product enhances the user’s experience or lifestyle, rather than just its features.

Leverage Platforms like Facebook and YouTube for Promotion

Distributing your videos on platforms like Facebook and YouTube is crucial. These platforms offer targeted advertising options and have proven to be effective in engaging audiences. On YouTube, for example, your content can reach users actively searching for related topics, providing an ideal opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings with Videos

Videos not only enhance user engagement on your site but also improve your search engine rankings. A webpage with video content tends to attract more traffic and reduce bounce rates, signaling to search engines the value of your content and thereby boosting your site’s ranking.

Integrate Videos into Email Marketing Campaigns

Incorporating videos in email marketing can drastically increase click rates. Videos are especially effective in mobile email consumption, offering an engaging and convenient way for your audience to interact with your content.

The Sales Boost You Have Been Looking For

Doubling your sales with explainer videos isn’t an arcane secret; it’s about effectively utilizing this dynamic medium. High-quality, engaging videos that clearly communicate the benefits of your product, distributed across various platforms, can lead to a substantial increase in sales. It’s not just a possibility but a tangible goal within reach through strategic video marketing. At Rocket House Pictures, our team specializes in crafting high-quality, engaging videos that do more than just showcase your products or services. We aim to create a narrative that resonates with your audience, clearly communicating the unique benefits and solutions your offerings provide.

Our approach at Rocket House Pictures is centered on understanding your brand’s essence and translating that into compelling video content. This involves a deep dive into what makes your product or service special and how it solves problems or enhances the lives of your customers. By doing so, we ensure that the videos we produce are not just visually appealing but are also aligned with your brand’s message and values. Choosing Rocket House Pictures means partnering with a team that’s not only passionate about video production but also deeply committed to helping your business achieve its sales targets. We believe in the power of storytelling through video, and our track record speaks for itself. With our expertise, your goal of doubling your sales is not just a distant dream but a very achievable reality.

Let us show you how the right explainer video can transform your marketing strategy and set you on the path to remarkable sales growth. With Rocket House Pictures, you’re not just getting a video; you’re gaining a strategic partner in your journey towards exponential business growth.

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