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Trailers are no longer only exclusive to movies and television. Book trailers are a compelling method to attract readers and advertise your book or script. Although some authors prefer a more cinematic look for their trailer, a good book trailer doesn't always have to follow the Hollywood train. They could be simple motion graphics or even just the author talking about their story.
At Rocket House Pictures we know how to inspire emotion in the audience, make them ask questions, and show them why your book or script is unique. If you are a Colorado author or script writer we have the resources and knowledge to bring your vision to the screen.

Are you looking for a clean, appealing trailer to market your book or script? Reach out today for a professional trailer from Rocket House Pictures!

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Producing dynamic aerial content with a diverse set of aerial systems & passionate pilots. Compelling creativity going above, with true cinematic composition.

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Our camera control rigs give you the precision and versatility that you need, no matter how big or small your company is. Say goodbye to boring static shots.
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Cutting edge cinema cameras combined with the best optics available will always make your company be the one to remember. This is videography on another level.